A return…or something new?

Blog1I used to always be punctual.  I used to be one who was not only on time, but the one who was in the front seat fifteen minutes early.  The promptness that defined me encompassed not only my obsessive compulsion to be early to an appointment or a meeting, but it also included my drive to be on the forefronts of technology.  Whenever the latest gadget or internet fad came, I made sure that I was early to possess it, understand it, and/or be consumed by it.  If I couldn’t afford it, I made sure I at least knew a good deal about it.

Then I had kids and now I am late for everything…including technology.  I love my children dearly, but having so many so close together naturally lends itself to a bit of chaos.  I’ll admit that, even though I’ve heard of Instagram, FourSquare, and a few others, I have no idea what they do or what they are for.  I have a LinkedIn profile, but have yet to understand what it’s purpose is.  I am on Facebook but often wonder why I am.  My twitter account gets fed once a month or so.  It seems that I am always late to the party and when I get there, I’m always the guy in the corner wondering what is happening around me.

As I pondered the idea of beginning a new blog, I realize I am once again late to the party.  Many technology “experts” claim that days of blogging are gone and they have been replaced by 120 character bites of information.  But I’ve never been trendy and I like living in the past, so I’m starting fresh with a tired trend: a blog.

You must realize, that this is not the first time that I have done this.  As I prepared to get this blog up and running, I was painfully reminded by both blogger and wordpress that I have six blogs that I have started, all with an average of three posts, most of which are two to six years old.  So what makes me think I am going to stick with this?  Nothing.  I am going into this project with no commitments to myself or to you, the reader.  You may see two posts in one week.  Or you may not see any for six months.  That’s all that I can offer.  Life as a pastor with four small children is unpredictable.  But, I do hope that this blog can be an outlet for me and a blessing and encouragement for you.

This blog is is about life.  In particular, the Christian life.  Specifically, a Christ-centered life.  It will focus on everything from biblical devotions to lessons learned to book reviews, to cultural comments to political comments.  It is a smorgasbord of ideas to help me process thoughts and to help you live a Christ-centered life with me!


2 thoughts on “A return…or something new?

  1. Mike – Is being late the same thing as being clueless? I am surely the latter. Anxious to read about what God will be teaching you over the next few months!


    1. Two elements not communicated clearly (hoping not to set a precedent). One, I’m late to a technological fad. Two, I have no idea what those fads are.

      Either way I am confused and ignorance is certainly bliss. 😀


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