I am not Caucusing Tonight

votedI have a strong urge to attend my caucus. I have the right; I am registered voter; but I’m not going. Though some might not agree with me, here is why I am not:

  1. Our small group meets tonight. I love these people a ton and find joy and satisfaction in putting something I desire aside in order to share life with them.
  2. Though I don’t know the depths of my heart, I know enough to sense that it isn’t healthy for me to go.  Inevitably, I would get sinfully heated to the point where I would either harbor anger in my heart or speak up in unhelpful ways. Either way, I’d like to avoid sin.
  3. As a pastor, I need to carefully choose my  battles. In ministry there are many different ways to be criticized, dismissed, rejected, or hurt.  If there is going to be a hill for me to die on, it will be the hill of the gospel, not for my opinion on the future of a political party.  Jesus is more worthy to lose a reputation over.
  4. I can’t go in good conscience.  I fear that my sole reason to go would be to help block a disastrous candidate.  You might say that is the very reason I should go, but I can’t do that in good conscience when I don’t have a conviction to support anyone else.  I’d rather be known for what I stand for, not necessarily what I stand against.  Plus, I’ve already made it clear previously.
  5. I want to love my people regardless of their political stance. I can’t say for sure (because I’ve never formed a census) but I’d be willing to bet that my church has both Republicans and Democrats; Rubio supporters and Trump supporters; those who are feelin’ the Bern and those who aren’t. Though I might not agree with them, I want to love them wholeheartedly and show them Jesus. That’s why I don’t know who leans one way or another. And that’s why I’m not going to caucus.

These are flawed reasons, I know.  And I may get some strong disagreement, but to go against conscience is not wise.


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