Ask the Pastor

Since I began this site, I have had a few people who have asked me if there is room for an “Ask the Pastor” segment, in which readers could submit questions, that could appear periodically. I immediately thought it was a good idea, but had a couple of reservations. First, should this be done primarily through one of the communications vehicles that we use at Emmanuel?  Second, should it be a collaborative between multiple pastors, or in this case, between me and my Senior Pastor.  Third, would it be useful?  Can I do good for people in this way?

After thinking about it for a while, I came to the decision that I think this could be a useful tool to help people think more deeply, grow in their faith, and perhaps know the Lord for the first time.  I’m choosing to do this through my personal blog because I believe that writing is a skill that God has given me in order to have a ministry beyond that of Emmanuel Baptist Church.  I value my Senior Pastor as a friend and a colleague, so there may be times when I consult him on how to think through some issues that might come my way.

So here’s how this is going to work.  There is a menu option above called, “Ask the Pastor.”  On that page there is a form field.  If you have a question about the Bible, theology, ministry, politics, life, really just about anything, fill out the form and submit.

Though you have to fill out the form, all questions will be considered “anonymous.”  This means that when I get the email and respond to it on the blog, I will in no way identify you.  I do ask, however, that you fill out the form truthfully (with your real name and email address) in case I would like or need to contact you personally.

I reserve the right to respond or not to respond to anything that is submitted without notice.

Answers will be posted on Wednesdays after I am able to complete an answer.  If there is a high volume of questions or my schedule doesn’t allow a prompt response to your question, please be patient as I work toward an answer.


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