Redeem Your Kids’ Sports

bball.pngIt used to be that someone who was considered a “church member” or a regular attender attended service every week.  Today, a regular attender (and most church members) will be lucky to make 50-75% of worship services.

There are a lot of different reasons for this.  One of which is that children’s sporting leagues no longer honor a “Sundays off” policy.  For obvious reasons, traveling leagues host tournaments on weekends.  Unfortunately, this is to the detriment of the families (and grandparents) who miss church in order to attend and/or participate in these leagues.

Jim Hamilton has put together a thoughtful article on how parents ought to think through their children’s involvement in travel leagues.  You can read his article, “Don’t Play Travel Ball: Stay in the Rec League” here.


2 thoughts on “Redeem Your Kids’ Sports

  1. We had friends that had their daughter in a traveling league for soccer. They did go to church every Sunday, even on the road. Amanda was not allowed to play in a Sunday game if it hindered them being able to worship as a family. The coach knew it, the families of the team knew it. Amanda was a good player – actually an excellent player. She went through college on a soccer scholarship. It can be done, but it took the family standing firm about it, and a coach that realized that having Amanda on the team was valuable enough to accomodate this family need.


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