Two Kindle Deals Worth Checking Out

To those who know me it’s no secret that I love books and my favorite hobby is reading.  When I find a good deal on books that I am familiar with and highly recommend, I want to get the word out.

Today, I noticed two books for Kindle that are worth your consideration.  They are both currently listed at $3.99.

First, How to Read to the Bible for All It’s Worth is an excellent book if you are curious about the Bible and how to read it better.  Not only is it co-written by an excellent New Testament scholar (Gordon Fee), but it is co-written by one of my favorite Old Testament scholars, Doug Stuart.

Second, if you have ever wanted to learn how to navigate through the Bible book-by-book, How to Read the Bible Book by Book is an very good, down to earth, accessible read.  It is written by the same authors as above.  Stephen Witmer, of the Gospel Coalition, has written a two-year bible reading plan that goes with the book and would worthy of your dedication if you would choose to do it.

Though these prices are currently at $3.99, Amazon deals can change at any moment.  So, not to push you in to an impulse purchase, but you would do well with these two books in your digital library.



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