Sunday Brunch (March 13, 2016)

 As a new series, I would like to introduce “Sunday Brunch,” a collection of articles, blogs, and other musings that I found interesting this week.

The Failure of Education. This was by far the most interesting article that I read all week. The author claims that the failure of Western education is attributed to its success. It is failing because it’s succeeding.

You May Have A Voice Disorder and Not Know It. Vocal fry is a trend these days and it has the possibility of hurting you in the long run. Contrary to this article, I don’t see it as linguistically evolutionary. It’s probably just a fad. Much like the “valley girl” they compare it to.

Doctors and Nurses in Canada May Have Some Tough Choices Coming Ahead. This is very sad. If this is true, the U.S. won’t be far behind.

B&N Nook Users Get Ready. The collapse of the Nook has been predicted for years. Now we are seeing the beginning of the end. If you have a Nook, you have but little time to organize your media.

Exploring the Notebooks of Thomas Edison. Edison was also one of the most prolific note-takers we’ve ever seen, amassing more than five million pages of notes


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