Sunday Brunch (April 3, 2016)

Sunday Brunch is back after taking a week off for Easter. Here is the variety of links I’ve cooked up through the week. 

Why Are Our Kids So Miserable?  “My hypothesis is that the generational increases in externality, extrinsic goals, anxiety, and depression are all caused largely by the decline, over that same period, in opportunities for free play and the increased time and weight given to schooling.”  In other words, kids need to play!  

Reactions to Typos and Your Personality. “Are you a member of the grammar police, or willing to let a few typos slide? It turns out your reaction to written grammatical and spelling errors may say something about your personality.”

How To Remember Names. I am terrible at remembering names. Here are five ways to overcome this dilemma. 

I Don’t Know Any Trump Supporters. You do, actually. And you are friends with them on Facebook. Facebook shields you from them because it knows you better than you think. 

7000 Match Birthday Cake. This is by far the most satisfying thing you’ll watch all weekend. 


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